About Have a Go Heroes

Have a Go Heroes is a user led project that aims to develop a way in which local communities can improve support for older adults. According to Cass Business school, a community based approach to caring for people could save the NHS up to £100 million per year. In the age of Big Society it’s vital that we begin to think about unlocking the potential of service users so that social care is able to cope with the increasing strain on their budgets:

“The group of people we need to engage in our social action strategy are those I would describe as community activists… they don’t have the time or inclination to run a social programme with all the responsibility that involves, but they do want to help…. we need more community activism, and more community activists.”

David Cameron introducing the Big Society

Have a Go Heroes wants to be able to create something that organises and inspires in a way that’s easy to get involved and enriches their lives.

How would this work? Well, we’d like other groups such as those that have the time to volunteer (students, for instance) to offer to complete ‘missions’ that older people might need a little help with, such as mowing the lawn, or doing the weekly shop, right the way down to just popping round for a cup of tea.

But that’s not all. Older people have a lifetimes worth of experience and skills that they can share with their community. We want to explore programmes such as Senior Corps in the US – and how we can create something similar. A skill and support swap shop if you will.

After all, everyone has something to offer their community- and everyone can be a hero!

Have a Go Heroes was an idea conceived by social entrepreneur Tymon Kalebasiak and is now being developed with the support of FutureGov through the Bright Ideas Grant from the Department of Health.


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