Have a Go Heroes: The BIG plan…


Have a Go Heroes is a project all about supporting both carers and those cared for. Now we have the Department of Health lending their support after all the votes from the Big Idea Grant were counted (thanks everyone who voted for us!). It’s time to get to work bringing the idea into real life and begin to help people whose lives are touched by care.

After some initial research and thought, we’ve decided to begin (sensibly you might say!) by having conversations with those involved in care…

Social care and the social web

When it comes to using the web to support those who care and are cared for, there are some really exciting examples. Organisations such as Tyze, icaring and Southwark Circle have shown that it is possible for the web to help lend a hand. We want to find out what has worked for them, any lessons they’ve learnt and how we can offer something unique through Have a Go Heroes.

Talking to the people who matter most

Of course, it is vital that we talk to those who we want to benefit from Have a Go Heroes in the development process. We will be running a series of sessions with those cared for as well as their carers, mapping informal and formal, online and offline support networks to look for missing links and opportunities to strengthen them. How can we make it easier for friends to lend a hand? What about those who live near that are willing but just not aware that their support would make a huge difference? How can we facilitate all levels of help, right down to the smallest (and often most frustrating!) odd jobs?

What then?

Well, we hope to create something that is needed, useful and nifty. We know care touches lots of people’s lives in all sorts of different ways. We hope that through learning and mapping support networks we will develop a prototype for a tool that will easily integrate with people’s lives making it simple for those who want to help family, friends, friends of friends and neighbours to better support carers and those cared for.

We are currently looking at opportunities to complete this work in the Birmingham area – more on that next time! In the mean time, follow us over on twitter to keep right up to date with our journey.

Yours, Have a Go Heroes


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